Ordinary Miracles

These images are studies of ordinary places that speak to collective ideas about transcending and failing to transcend temporal reality. Earthly objects linger in uncertain spaces as their existence hangs in a fragile moment between presence and absence. 

Cameras and our eyes have an inherent limitation to see only the concrete objects before them. This impenetrable threshold is sometimes idyllic and at other times unsettling, showing us representations of ordinary miracles hidden in the landscape of everyday life. It is in these unknown spaces where we find God, and in seeking them out we must give up an attachment to the chaos of the world, finding the divine in the apparently mundane.

Seeking God in all things and sharing in the divine work of creation is the foundation of this labor. Images offered up as prayers speak to the presence of the divine in everyday life, so often seemingly forgotten by the world. I began this body of work in 2005 during my MFA studies, inspired by an essay titled A Balance for Violence by Minor White in the Spring 1968 issue of Aperture magazine. It is a project that will carry me through a lifetime of image making.