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Food Truck, 4x5 Lith Film in CaffenolTree with Rain, 4x5 Lith Film in CaffenolGas Station, 4x5 Lith Film in CaffenolAlley in Rainstorm, 4x5 Lith Film in CaffenolTruck with Cactus, 4x5 Lith Film in CaffenolTelephone Wires, , 4x5 Lith Film in CaffenolHill with House, 4x5 Lith Film in CaffenolApparition#1, solarized print, film dev in CaffenolApparition#2, solarized print, film dev in CaffenolApparition#3, solarized print, film dev in CaffenolApparition#4, solarized print, film dev in CaffenolAfternoon at the Pub, 120 pinhole cameraArby's, Wax and MatrimonyAbandoned house study #1Abandoned house study #2Abandoned house study #3Oddly flat clergymanConvenience StoreWatch Your Step, 120 pinhole cameraGirl on Bridge, Diana camera, dev in Caffenol